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Published: 19th April 2010
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Women are glamorous. The glamour quotient is applicable only to women on earth. To keep up their glamour quotient up to date, they need to protect and project their assets well. Bra plays a major part in protecting and projecting the assets of the females. Hence women exercise high level of astuteness in selecting their bras. Different styles of bras, viz., Under Wire Bra, Shaping Bra, Support Bra and Wire Free Bras are available for them. Depending on the need, they select one.

The most important function of a bra is to shape, elevate and lift the breast against your chest.

Shaping Bra will go a long way in protecting and projecting the assets of the woman. As the name suggest, these shape your breast well. Shaping Bras come with a great support. Seamless 2-ply cups are used for support and shaping. Most of the Shaping Bras have the uplift feature. Shaping Bras come in both underwire and wire free forms. Specially designed cups used for shaping your breast from sides as well as bottom. Playtex use hidden shaping panel. Few Shaping Bras are aimed at shaping the backs too. They are no show through bras. No Slip Straps are used for the straps not to come out of your shoulders to provide the much needed support.

The bras have the Smooth Lining feature as they aimed at shaping the intimate parts of a female. By wearing a Shaping Bra, women would probably get your breast round in shape. This would give their curves a shapelier look, which would in turn boost your confidence. Also, Shaping Bras offer a great cleavage to the women. With the right fit offered for shaping bra, you would feel comfortable when you wear this.

Great care should be exercised while selecting a Shaping Bra, as for other bras. The fitted bra would give you more support and added comfort. The wearer would get the required posture only with the fitted bra.

Bali, Hanes, Playtex and Wonderbra are some of leading players in the Shaping Bra segment.

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